Feline Groovy was a thought in Lisa Grivois’ head from the time she started her career at the Cat Hospital of Wichita. Most stores offering products for pets focus on dogs while their cat section is limited to a few bags of cat treats and a generic carpeted furniture. Lisa knew there was a need for great cat products, ones recommended by Dr. Jones as well as our staff of clinic cats at the Cat Hospital. In early 2017 she started drawing up the plans, and now in October 2018 we are very excited to share Feline Groovy with the community. We offer unique and useful products for cats as well as fun items for their owners. You can find everything from handmade beds and locally made collars to wall meownted (yes, cat puns run rampant at our store) furniture. We offer unique toys, interactive items to exercise your cat’s mind as well as body, treats, supplements, litter, and so much more. We are constantly scouring the world of new items that we can bring right here to Wichita, KS.