Sourcing Local, Shopping Local

When Feline Groovy (the concept) was initially being discussed we knew that our main mission was to gather great quality products in a central location to offer to the cats of Wichita and beyond. Aside from that we wanted to be as waste free as possible ie not using plastic bags, only recycled paper ones and canvas shopping totes. We are conscience of the packaging brands use and try to carry products that have recycled or minimal packaging.

Our latest mission has been to source as many products as close to home as possible. Meowijuana is based in Kansas City, Kansas and grows their catnip right here in Kansas and Nebraska. SmartCat was founded by Betsy Lipsomb, a cat lover and cat behavioralist, who started by making scratching posts on her Wisconsin farm. When their products line expanded to litter, they started sourcing the sorghum from Western Kansas. Our premium cat treats by Redbarn are made in Great Bend, Kansas. We’re also always working on getting locally made items to you, like Krystle Cole’s beautiful works of art, our locally made cat collars, and locally made badge holders. We will soon be expanding our local section to include cat saucers, mugs and magnets as well as food bowls made by The Purrfect Potter right here in the ICT. We will continue to strive to bring you and your feline family members not only the best, but also the products being made right here in the great plains because why would we ask you to support local if we don’t?